Russell G Cummings

7431 CR 629, Bushnell, FL 33513





•      Database Manager for BAT (Biometrics Automated Toolset)

•      VSA certified interviewer

•      Property Book Officer

•      Security Supervisor, Weapons Custodian

•      AHA certified (First Aid, CPR, AED) Instructor

•      NRA certified Instructor
Rifle; Pistol; Shotgun;
Personal Protection In The Home & Personal Protection Outside The Home
Range Safety Officer

•      Release Manager, Programmer

•      Service Support Technician

•      Systems Analyst

•      US Army Special Forces (Officer & NCO)

•      Security Clearance: SECRET  (2007)

•      Developed: Co-developer (with Richard Hudnell) 1st Army recruiter statistical analysis application

•      Developed: Web based transportation dispatch system for tracking vehicle / driver usage for input to preparing a driver payroll report.

•      Developed: Biometric system integrated into a database used for reporting training, tracking attendance, access control & inventory control using MS Access and VBA

•      Designer / developer / of a country wide incident database performed tracking & trend analysis of attacks on coalition forces in Iraq

•      Developed: Designer, / developer / trainer of control automation tools, which did analysis, design and implementation of procedures to correct production data. Development of and adherence to software standards.

•      Developed and maintained literary guild web site,

•      Developed an Internet aware multimedia training package on CDROM

•      Field Engineer for GE Fanuc to install and maintain Cimplicity.

•      Systems Engineer for Comfortex to upgrade and maintain their computers.

•      Designed, installed various wired / wireless LAN's.


•      MS SQL, MYSQL, PHP, Visual Basic, Microsoft Office, Health Claims Processing System, VMS, DECSET, DATARIEVE, COBOL, CIMPLICITY, FLEXWARE, Pascal, Assembler (Z80 & 80x86), C-Basic Personal Computers, DEC Alpha & VAX, Shannon 5000, Stride 440, CPT 8100








2010 – Present: Independent Consultant Work, Bushnell, FL

Major Projects:

Developed: Church membership application which handled

demographics, attendance, offerings, bus missions, youth missions, missionaries.

It integrates biometrics, bar-coding, multimedia and automated check / credit card processing.

Web site design for Telenet1 Consulting

Repair and upgrade of laptops / printers as required.


2008 – 2010: Part Time Road Supervisor / Roving Officer (armed), Wackenhut, Tampa, FL

Responsible for supervising USO’s (Uniformed Security Officers) & CPO’s (Custom Protection Officer) within a three county-wide area

Other positions when working as a roving CPO are:

Pasco County Juvenile Assessment Center, responsible for the intake and screening of delinquent juveniles into the justice system

Providing security for hospitalized PSO inmates on an as needed basis

Providing exterior security for Pinellas County Jail & Court buildings

Providing security for various businesses throughout the expanded Tampa area


2005 – 2007: BAT Database Manager, Espial Services, Iraq

Daily operation and maintenance of the BAT (Biometrics Automated Toolset) which ensures proper identification, categorization and disposition of Local National’s (LN’s) and Third Country Nationals (TCN’s). Maintains the screening / interview schedule for the LEP (Locally Employed Person) cell.

Worked in conjunction with, and in the absence of the FSE (Field Service Engineer) to provide direct support on the following hardware and software relating to the BAT (Biometric Automated Toolset);

• Panasonic CF -73 series tough book laptops

• Panasonic CF -74 series tough book laptops

• Fingerprint readers

• Crossmatch 300 series (includes 310 and 320)

• Crossmatch 442R

• Iris detection

• Secure Metrics Pier Iris scanners, including Pier 2.3, and Pier 2.4

• Windows XP with Service Pack 2 & 3

• Microsoft 2000 Office Suite

• Microsoft SQL 2000 Enterprise Edition

• Biometric Automated Testing (BAT) Service Packs

• Administered database organization, standards, controls, procedures and documentation;

• Performs general database maintenance to include backups and performance tuning;

Perform database queries and report writing using MS Access as a front end for data verification and correction;

• Perform basic troubleshooting (and repair, if possible) on hardware, software and peripherals.

• Submit and track trouble reports on above




2004 – 2005: Property Book Officer, ASARS, Taji, Iraq

Supervisory control of the property book office personnel responsible for Hiring, training.

Property accountability through a database utilizing barcode technology & electronic hand receipts for staff and student personnel;

Maintained expendable supply inventory stockage levels automatically using database triggers based on quantities on hand.

Monthly 100% sensitive item inventory; compound wide

Supervisor and Trainer for the ID badging of all personnel on site; integrated with biometric system;

IT assistance as required;

Arms room assistance as required.

Interviewer for detection of stress in response to specific questions directed by prospective employers.

Firearms instructor with Glock pistols / AKM rifles.

Special Forces NCO level medical support as required.


 2003 – 2004: Security Coordinator, KBR, Baghdad, Iraq

Provided instruction and direction to Local National force protection teams Quick Reaction Force member

Communications & Electronics Manager procurement and maintenance; to include Motorola radios (base station; vehicular; handheld); On call medical support


2002 – 2003: GSA Road Supervisor for eastern NY, Wackenhut, Albany, NY


1997 – 2003 Worked part-time as a fill in CPO (Customs Protection Officer)

Supervisory control of armed / unarmed posts for Homeland Security contract Liaison with FPS

Provide backup and / or assistance to FPS; Weapons Custodian for eastern / Central NY

Instructed guards with additional skill training as required by regulations; First Aid / CPR Instructor

Attended NRA LEAD Pistol / Shotgun Instructor course


2001 – 2002: PSA Caseworker, Dept of Social Services, Montgomery County, Fonda, NY

Acting as Representative Payee for Social Security Recipients, Monitored Daily Living Activities of several mentally diminished clients, Investigating allegations of need, abuse or exploitation of adults, Researched alternative support systems for needy clients, managed transportation for clients


2000 – 2001: Release Manager, EcoNovo Software, Englewood Cliffs, NJ

Procurement of SCM and related software, design and developed of issue tracking system, Assistant Quality Assurance Manager in developing departmental charter, provide MIS support


1997 - 2000: Release Manager, Trizetto Group, Albany, NY

Supervisory control of release management staff providing consulting services with external departments to ensure proper release software content, Completeness and accurate distribution of over 13,200 software programs, Oversight for all escrow accounts for clients.


1993:1997 Service Support Technician, GE Fanuc, Albany, NY

Responsible for Customer service support for Cimplicity.


1992 - 1993: PC Technician, Hudson Valley Community College, Troy, NY

Installation, maintenance, upgrade of over 700 PCs, running on a Novell LAN. Help Desk, Troubleshooting, Training and support of all approved software. Assistant instructor for 80x86 Assembler course


1990 - 1992: Systems Analyst, Comfortex Corporation, Cohoes, NY

Developed, installed, operated & maintained both the hardware and software to track manufacturing Work-In-Progress. Designed and developed an automated work order cut sheet for fabrication


1986 - 1990: PC Technician/Programmer, Micro Clinic, Schenectady, NY

Building, repair, upgrade of customer personal computers. Designing, writing custom accounting software, using Micro financial Flexware


1993 – 2007: Independent Consultant Work

Major Projects:

Ministry of Electricity security force throughout Iraq: Statement of Work for a country wide, biometric capable, web based database, which included screening applicants, recording tribal genealogy, attendance and payroll accounting.

William Carragan, physicist, composer Consultant for Internet connectivity / Webmaster services

Robin Moore, author, electronic media publicist / consultant, researcher, photographer  


1978-1995: U.S. Army

• Assistant Brigade S-3 (Operations Officer)

• Battalion Communications-Electronics Officer

• HHC Company Commander

• Special Forces Communications-Electronics Officer

• Special Forces Platoon Leader

• Graduated Telecommunications Operations Officers Course (27A)

• Graduated Signal Corps Officers Basic Course (25A)

• Assigned as medic B/1/7 ODA 724 (scuba team)

• Graduated Special Forces Qualification Course (91B1S)



1982 : Methodist College, B.S. in Science (Biology/Psychology)